Anxiety attacks and some natural cures

anxiety attacks

Anxiety attacks and some natural cures

Anxiety attacks

Anxiety attacks are a common problem and we have some great solutions to help you.

We all know the meaning of anxiety right?
It comes from the word Anxious. Yes, anxiousness causes anxiety attacks. However, anxiousness is a normal thing and a part of our emotion. So, being anxious is not even a matter of chronic illness. We all get anxious in our daily life. We feel anxious when we see the tough situation when we face problems when we try to make a critical decision in our life. So, being anxious is totally a normal thing. But anxiety is a different thing. It can make you weaker and ill. Anxiety is a serious medical condition known worldwide. It can cause any serious problem. There are remedies for anxiety. Proper medication can cure anxiety. Medical science has improved till now. So curing anxiety is not so big deal now. There are anti-anxiety medications are available.

Some Natural Anti-Anxiety Herbsanxiety attacks

According to the medical science, many anti-anxiety medicines has been invented m many medical experts around the world. As we all know about the anxiety disorder, there are many medical drugs has been manufactured. There is some natural anti-anxiety medication can found too. Those natural medicines can provide tremendous help in anxiety curing. So, let’s talk about some natural anti-anxiety medicines:


Chamomile is one of the best natural anti-anxiety herbs that can help you when you feel over anxious. Dry Chamomile tea can make your mind fresh. It works as a brain receptor drug called Valium. You can have it with tea or water. It also can be used a good dietary supplement or drug alternative. You should give a try. Experts are claiming hat, if an anxiety patient takes this as a supplement, they will decrease anxiety significantly within few weeks.


L-Theanine is a type of amino acid that helps to control anxiety. Most of the Japanese Buddhists takes it with their food or drink and maybe this is the reason they can do hours of meditations without getting bored. You can mix it with green tea for the best result. Research shows, this amino acid can control your blood pressure and higher heart rate. L-Theanine is the only non-sedative anti-anxiety medication among all.

Humulus Lupulus or HOPS

Hops are used in beer. But you will be benefited by this when you drink beer. Its taste is very bitter. So if you want to take it you should mix it a little amount with your chamomile tea or mind tea. Hops are one kind of natural sedative that can make you sleepy. The main compound of hops is one kind of sedative volatile oil.


Valerian is another natural sedative that can reduce your anxiety attacks. It will make you feel sleepy. In Germany, medical experts are using this natural herb to treat all the patients who have an insomnia problem.

Lemon Balm

This is an amazing natural herb that was used by many doctors in the middle ages. This natural herb is also an ancient medicine that used to be a very effective stress reliever.

These are some natural anti-anxiety medication. You can use them as supplements or drugs alternative. They are really very effective. There are some other natural sources available too.

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