Managing stress and what to look for

Managing stress

Managing stress and what to look for

Managing Stress

Managing stress can be an easy task if you know what you’re looking for. Stress is the mental or physical reaction to any perceived demand or threat. Any changes regardless of good or bad require adjustment and may lead to stress. Stress is sometimes necessary as it stimulates us to act, think or react. But over stress may cause emotional and physical strain. The effects completely depend upon our techniques of managing stress naturally.

Stress management plays a vital role in our day to day lives as impManaging stressroper management makes a problem more chaotic and unsolvable. Situations which are found to be unbearably stressful are associated with change and a deficiency of control over what is happening. Now, before proceeding towards stress management techniques, we must know that a situation that is completely intolerable to one person may be stimulating to another.


Every individual is unique and so are their causes of stress, but the impacts and symptoms are common as each type of stress results in the release of Cortisol-The Stress Hormone in our body, which further causes increased heartbeat rate, headache, restlessness, tiredness and other effects which make us feel helpless at times.


Difficulties give rise to two kinds of stress, mental and physical. Among these, mental stress is much more harmful than its physical part as severe mental stress leads to physical pain in most of the cases. While learning the methods of managing stress, we must learn to say “NO” to burdens. Taking on more than we can handle is a recipe for stress. In many conditions, avoiding a stressful situation is not a good option, the only thing it does is enhancing the problem. So, these situations can be altered by being more assertive and compromising with the problem.


However, sometimes the situation can’t be altered and we have to accept the things we can’t change. At first it may seem a bit difficult but in the long run, acceptance relaxes the path. While managing the most vulnerable stages of stress, acceptance influences the body to undergo internal transition which is a psychological process to come to terms with an unlikely condition.


In comparison to mental stress, physical stress is easy to manage. Apart from those generated mentally, physical stress can be caused by the domination of diseases or excessive hard work. To avoid it, we need to have a healthy diet, drink lots of water and strictly avoid the use of “pseudo stress-busters” such as cigarettes and alcohol. Most of the sufferers depend upon these addictions for releasing stress, but they don’t pay attention to the fact that these substances are causing major health damages to their body which ultimately leads to stress.


According to the present scenario, the main cause of physical stress is an overdose of work and lack of relaxation time. If an average person exercises daily for 20 minutes under proper guidance, he can easily develop stress barrier in his/her body. Moreover, several therapeutic massages and treatments are also available nowadays for avoiding stress.


Besides all the techniques used for managing stress, your mentality and attitude are the two solid pillars which allow you to heal faster. Showing a positive attitude to every situation up to some stage keeps you away from stress.

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